My Favorite Cheat Meal

For some it may be a day, for others it’s a meal.

Regardless it amazing!


The meal that you always feel guilty eating, but it`s you know its just that good.

Cheat day verse Cheat Meal

It really depends on your previous history while on a meal plan. If you are accustom to snacking then it will be considered to be more of a cheat day. When you are solid on your meal plan for 5 out of 7 days a week, that’s is 28% of the year that you are not following the meal plan. So does that cheat day really look so bad, now? We have to include the fact that we will make different choices while being honest with ourselves while doing it. #ownership Stay strict to the meal plan Monday through Friday while you are most active and weekends explore a little…take a foodcation!

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I came from snacking and now I am here…. two bodybuilding shows later and I am choosing to limit my cheats. I have enjoyed the challenge it is become to say no to foods or say no to temptations of exploring outside the guidelines. When I mention guidelines I mean I write them…. if I want to get a reeses peanut butter cup once every few weeks I do. I do, forget to take the wrapper out of the car so it really isn’t considered by myself if anyone finds it. However, the full cheat meal is where it is at! The reeses is just the human showing…

What would your favorite cheat meal include?

Chicken!!! Yea right…Seriously there are so many great options; ice cream, cake, chocolate, pancakes…I can go on and on however, the world in which I live in has changed in many ways. Ice cream shops have now turned into Frozen Yogurt places, you can bake protein in any and everything, and now its all about the dark chocolate. #thingsdonechanges

However a cheat meal has to be a meal, as you may have heard “fit within my macros.” So in order to successfully cheat ( only when it comes to food ) you have to make sure it fits within your meal plan. An example of a health food that to some may be off the meal plan, Ezekiel bread, which can be found in Stop & Shop in the frozen organic section. The bread has 3g protein 18g carbs with 0g fat within 1 slice, add sugar free jam and you got yourself a date. 🙂

Truth is stay to your diet and have some fun! When you are able to see results while taking more time and investing within yourself it is a very satisfying feeling. Continue to grow and learn. #daretobedifferent 

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