How to Change Your Mindset for a Healthier Lifestyle

Tyler LaMontagne NSCA-CPT


In the past, I would research various exercise programs to see what worked for others. I use to think it was my diet that needed to change so I would attempt (key word) to follow various meal plans. However, once I realized I needed to change my habits more than the exercises I was doing I finally started seeing results. Three variables I frequently express to clients for a healthier lifestyle are: the amount of cardiovascular activity, the frequency of your exercises and the calculated macronutrients for your meal plan. If you give your best effort towards finding consistency in all three areas, you will see results. There are core values you need to master in order to meet your goals. I`ll give you the secret: there is no such thing as a magic pill, you need to have: a vision, self-motivation, and self-discipline. I want to share my experiences and discuss my opinions as to how you can successfully live a healthier lifestyle by adapting the mindset to conquer.

Creating a vision.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is adamant about creating a vision in most of his motivational speeches. This is one of many reasons why I have a life size poster of him in my office, but that is beside the point. #SuperFan You could be the best pilot with the best aircraft, however if the pilot doesn’t know were to go then the aircraft has no destination. #Lost You must have a vision. You must have a goal. Establish your goals and commit to them. I will be the first to admit, I fell victim to getting set in my ways and feeling comfortable. Once I was told “the trunks are on sale for your bodybuilding show this summer” that was all I needed to hear. Why? Someone else created the vision for me, they saw something I didn’t see. I followed that up by creating a vision based off of were I was and were I wanted to be. My goal, yes I was nervous who wouldn’t be, standing there dressed in next to nothing but I knew this was the challenge I was looking for. An external motivator is a great way to find internal motivation, so you dig deep and change your mindset. Establish your goal 4 weeks and 3 months out and stay committed towards meeting your own expectations. Remember short-term goals will help get you to your long-term goal. Use the external motivator for your long-term goal and break down the steps to get there for your 4-week goal. I fell in love with the challenge as I accomplished the goals I looked to achieve more.


Internal Motivation.

Through out my experiences this is the hardest trait to help someone with. You have to really understand why you want to meet your goal. After listening to a few motivational seminars I`ve learned to understand the principal of WHY I wake up every morning and it is all I need. Once you understand your WHY, you will obtain enough motivation to do what is necessary to meet your goals. Because that tired feeling doesn`t feel so bad, the energy is up and the mindset is clear. Know your WHY. So, WHY DO YOU WAKE UP EVERY MORNING? Your kids, money, status, retirement…there are so many reasons but only you know why you want to wake up and conquer the day you are faced with. A great motivational speaker that I follow is Eric Thomas, please enter the below video with an open mind. 🙂

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Creating the wiliness to say NO doesn’t just come from sky. Bottom line you need to be willing to change, work hard and make sacrifices. Creating self-discipline comes from understand your WHY. Most individuals become more disciplined when we start to see results. I have always said to myself, there is someone out there working hard than me right now, or has it worse than my current situation, so I need to work harder. It`s true. Even when you think you are working your hardest, there is someone working harder. So if you always feel like you are behind you will always want more, causing you to work harder. We need to want more out of our lives, get the most you can out of every day.

(Stepped off soap box)

Make the sacrifices required to get to your goal. Yes, it is difficult. The value of NO is how much you value your time. If you value your sleep more than you value your time you will not be successful. Waking up 15 minutes earlier so you can cook yourself breakfast is that not difficult. Check out a recent article for good breakfast tips. Why is Breakfast So Important. Set yourself up for success by developing a value system for yourself. A healthier you is a better you! 

Developing these habits don’t happen over night, it took me 4 weeks to finally eat 5 meals a day, cook and clean uhh the cleaning was the worse so many dishes that go unwashed. #NoTimeForThat Create a vision and label out weekly goals so you can accomplish the progress that is require for your overall vision. Maintain your focus through out and don’t forget your WHY. 

How do you find motivation? Feel free to comment below.


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