3 Motivational Tips Towards Taking Action


Do you always feel motivated to do something? Are you the type of person who doesn`t need to be motivated? There is a lot to say about someone who doesn`t need external motivators to install a drive! Think about it, amongst your closest friends, who has this trait, how many people can you say are very motivated? Are you currently doing everything it takes to get to your goals?I would like to discuss a few motivational ways to help start and remain motivated.pexels-photo-288530

So how do you get from point A to point B?

Think of successes you have recently had in your life: a promotion, a raise, any accomplishment you may have had, and then think of this event happening in your life every, yes EVERY time you need a kick in the you know what. These are external items or actions that create a good stimulus feeling in the brain. Why not use this power, this thing we have, called a brain? #BillNyeTheScienceGuy In college, I remembered the phrase, “memory bumps” when your mind creates a bump of a good memory along its path and remembers it, when something triggers this, you remember that good feeling and want to create it again. An example would be seeing the scale drop, you feel good that all your work has paid off, keep that feeling remember it and use this power people, DON`T LOSE IT. By creating a positive thought pattern you will be able to find the motivation you need to accomplish anything.


Get Your Drive Back!

Find your MOJO again! Recently, I sat in on a few seminars featuring great speakers in many different industries such as: barbering, fitness, and business. A common piece to the seminars was each of the speakers attempted to provide motivation to his or her listeners in one form or another. It works! A recent seminar I attended in Hartford, CT presented by Daymond John`s group of business partners was awesome. My take away was:

“80% of the world is reaction” – Daymond John.

This stayed with me; I believed it as soon as I heard it. Think about this one, if we learned to control the way we react we would get a different response or stimulus. Example: Mentor / Mentee relationship, if the mentee has NOT followed up on his or her end with timely emails, missed a scheduled phone call, or even hasn’t responded back to your messages. How do you react when this person finally picks up the phone? You would feel mad or upset right? Wipe out the emotion, it will never help you get to the goal of this conversation. Which is, to be able to find out the reason why this is happening. Don`t react with emotion. Ask the right questions to find out why the lack of communication has been happening and come up with a solution to the problem, don’t just scratch the surface with your conversations go deeper, find the WHY behind everything!

By controlling your reactions you will be able to overlook all of the “small stuff” and get to your big picture goal faster and easier.


Les Brown puts real life situations on a stage by saying “some people have to hit rock bottom in order to rise.” The message is “it takes courage in order to act in your own best interest.” If you have the same abilities before this crisis happens then why not ACT NOW!? Build your courage and confidence to a level that will provide you the positive thoughts necessary to clear the mind. Les Brown during this video, asked the audience to write down 3 strong reasons why you must take actions. When you are ready to take action, now you will know why.

“Your reasons will drive you, when your faith becomes weak your reasons will take you though your challenging moments.” – Les Brown

3 Tips from the article

  1. Use external motivators when under stress.
  2. Don’t react with emotion.
  3. Take action, its never too late.

If I have learned anything while writing this article it would be: Life is amazing, embrace it, be different, and get what you want out of life. It will hurt, changes will have to be made, and when you do, you will appreciate what life has to offer.


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