Eating Healthy on a Tight Budget

Yes you can, it is possible.


It took me 2 years to realize I was spending too much money on groceries for a person without kids. Healthier food options seemed to be more expensive as I was going through a bodybuilding show prep. However, after researching different stores, prices etc. I was able to find common items in my diet that I could buy for less. I`d like to share my experiences with cutting your overall grocery cost down while expressing the differences in the pricing of food.


Measure twice, eat once!

Do you know how much you are spending on groceries? How often do you go to the store, weekly, or bi weekly? If you are not the person to track your grocery bill, this article may open your eyes. If you do track, regardless of how much you are spending you can probably use these tips to reduce your cost.

  • Let me put this disclaimer out there: I am not suggestion this is the only way to eat a healthy meal plan, this information comes from my experiences with clients and my own meal plan. If you are vegan, or vegetarian this information may not be helpful for you.

Measure your cost twice and eat once! Pay attention to the price per pound of your meats. I was buying organic chicken breast, or the tenderloins because they were already cut for me (convenience is a pocket drainer). The Oster Oven Roaster saved my life. For example, Costco or BJ Whole Sale has 2 whole chickens going for $9-$12. Here is how this would break down into your meal plan:

  • Male 6oz 2 meals = $0.74 a day 3 meals = $1.11 a day
  • Female 4oz 2 meals = $0.49 a day 3 meals = $0.74 a day

Stop N Shop chicken $2.49 or sale price of $1.99 (used sale price below)

  • Male 6oz 2 meals = $1.49 a day 3 meals = $2.23 a day
  • Female 4oz 2 meals = $0.99 a day 3 meals = $1.49 a day

Difference of $0.75-$1.12 a day

Costco and BJs have a membership of $55/year so that would mean after roughly 50 days you would have saved enough money to pay for your membership by only purchasing whole chicken. (and you save on gas 🙂 Let me say, I am not receiving any commission by stating this.

So what about ground turkey?

Say you eat ground turkey once a day (makes for a great breakfast, read this article for more breakfast tips)

Aldi 1lbs at $3.29

  • Male 6oz $1.23 a meal
  • Female 4oz $0.97 a meal

Bulk Buy 6lbs at $2.49/lbs

  • Male 6oz $0.97 a meal
  • 4oz $0.64 a meal

Average difference is $.30


Its` all about the GREEN!

Ok, we discussed protein first because that is essential to your bones, muscles and life! Now lets talk about the green! Vegetable greens, that is. With a healthy balanced diet, green vegetables are important to keep the body regulated. A few examples I found that work efficiently are: broccoli, green beans, spinach, kale…etc.


Many clients ask “Can I buy frozen or does it have to be fresh?”. That is up to you my friend, however it is always best to buy fresh, but if that is not in the budget you still have options. So here is the cost per cup differences between fresh and frozen vegetables that should be in your diet.


  • Fresh- $0.88/cup
  • Frozen- $0.72/cup

Green Beans

  • Fresh- $0.70/cup
  • Frozen- $0.55/cup


  • Fresh- $1.65/cup
  • Frozen- $.92/cup

Frozen verse Fresh ill let you decide.

The difference is not that HUGE* (Donald Trump voice) however over a year the savings could help you towards your financial goals faster.

What I looked at was the most frequently purchased items on the grocery list. The examples shown below are a reflection of an annual savings between large bulk buy stores verse chain grocery stores and I found that you would:

  • save ~$300/person/year by purchasing
  • whole chicken
  • and frozen vegetables

if you eat around 3-4 times a day, 4-6oz of meat with 2 cups a day of vegetables. That’s a pretty healthy diet for anyone looking to change habits into a healthier lifestyle on a budget. Check out this article for 3 tips on how to motivation yourself towards change.


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